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A Kayaking Guide to Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, is truly a must-visit kayak destination. With breathtaking views along the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, it’s no wonder that so many paddlers are drawn to this idyllic spot.

Those looking to stay around Harpers Ferry at a mountaintop cabin or lakefront cottage can take advantage of the kayaking guide services offered by local operators. Tour groups lead visitors through lush forests, where you’ll get an up-close look at the area’s natural beauty.

Kayak rentals are also available, perfect for those wanting an adventure on their own terms. Harpers Ferry is a paddler’s paradise with its secluded nature trails and both flat water and whitewater.

Here is your guide to all you need to know about kayaking during your getaway!

What to Know About Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry is a charming, historic town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. The town has a long, storied history and was a key location in the American Civil War. Nowadays, it is perhaps best known for being the halfway point of the famous Appalachian Trail, a 2,200-mile trail stretching from Georgia to Maine, amongst other outdoor adventures.

Sitting at the confluence of the Potomac River and Shenandoah River, it is no surprise that water sports are popular here, such as whitewater rafting, tubing, canoeing, and, of course, kayaking. On land, there are plenty of great opportunities for activities, too, like hiking and historic tours.

Harpers Ferry is also an ideal location for foodies, wine connoisseurs, and brewing enthusiasts. Numerous beloved restaurants in town serve up delicious cuisine, and you have your choice of local breweries with classic and inventive beers. Or, head out of town and explore the many award-winning wineries in Loudoun County.

Kayaking in Harpers Ferry

Photo Credit: J. Justin via Flickr CC2.0

There are many fantastic whitewater kayaking opportunities near Harpers Ferry, making it the perfect destination for adventurists of all experience levels.

The most commonly paddled whitewater section is about seven miles of the Potomac and Shenandoah, providing fun Class I and II rapids, with occasional Class III rapids depending on water levels.

Those who have their own equipment and are confident paddlers have a variety of sections to paddle in the vicinity. If you would prefer to have a guided experience, there’s a handful of fantastic outfitters in Harpers Ferry that will provide all the necessary gear and experienced river guides, which we’ll get to later.

Where to Kayak

The most common area to kayak is a seven-mile section that includes rapids such as the Shenandoah Staircase, Mad Dog, Bull Falls, and more. This is a solid Class I to Class II section, but some spots can be Class III, depending on the water levels and season.

This scenic route takes you right past the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park and through the gap where West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland meet. Keep an eye out for wildlife as you paddle, as it is possible to spot blue herons, ospreys, and even bald eagles.

Kayaking Tips

Photo Credit: Jamie18

Consider the Season

Kayaking can be done in all seasons with the right equipment, but many people would find wintertime paddling to be a bit unpleasant. Therefore, it is recommended that you plan your trip from late spring to early fall, ensuring you have warmer weather and more preferable water levels.

Dress Comfortably

You will be getting wet on your kayaking trip, so dressing comfortably is essential. Avoid cotton, as it takes a long time to dry and can be cold or uncomfortable. The ideal shoes are neoprene booties or waterproof sandals with a strap around the heel to keep them secure.

Know Your Limits

If you opt to rent gear without a guide or you brought your own, it is important that you know your limits and skill level. Some of the rapids on this stretch can be difficult and even dangerous when the water is high, so study the rapids and ask for local expertise before attempting the paddle.

Pack the Necessities

Don’t forget the sunscreen! In addition, essential items like sunglasses, a hat, a water bottle (plastic only, no glass!), a towel, a change of clothes, and a dry bag to store it all in will make your trip far more enjoyable.

Protect Your Electronics

You will undoubtedly want to have your phone with you to capture all the exciting and beautiful moments of the trip, but you need to be cautious about water damage. Therefore, it is recommended that you only bring your electronics if you have them in a waterproof case with either a tether to your wrist or a flotation device attached.

Other Watersports Activities in Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry offers numerous types of water sports besides kayaking. If you can’t get enough whitewater, consider adding one of the following activities to your itinerary!


Photo Credit: Jamie18

The rapids you navigate while kayaking are almost as much fun as when whitewater rafting! If you have a group or family and want to be together as you paddle, rafting is a great option. Rafting is best for young children, as most outfitters let children five and over raft, while kayaking requires them to be 12 or older.


Photo Credit: Lauren Huddleston

Take it easy and try tubing in Harpers Ferry! You can choose between a flat-water section, perfect for total relaxation or groups with young children, or you can opt for a whitewater section to provide some fun and entertainment.


Photo Credit: NicoElNino

The flat-water sections of the Potomac are perfect for trying your hand at stand-up paddleboarding, also known as SUP. So rent a board, paddle, and life jacket from one of the local outfitters, and head over to the put-in for an exciting experience!

This can be done without a guide, allowing total freedom and flexibility as you enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Photo Credit: Lissandra Melo

Have a beautiful day on the water when you choose to fish in Harpers Ferry! Whether you fish from the shores of the river, have your own boat and equipment, or charter a guide, you will undoubtedly have a wonderful experience.

The most common fish in the area are largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill sunfish, and walleye. Do note that a fishing license is required for ages 15 and older.

Kayak Outfitters and Guides

If you don’t have your equipment or are new to kayaking, the best way to explore the Harpers Ferry whitewater section is to contact one of the local outfitters. They will have all the necessary gear, information, and experienced guides to provide an unforgettable whitewater adventure.

River Riders

River Riders offers not just guided whitewater kayaking adventures but also ziplining, tubing, rafting, and even snow tubing! So basically, you’re covered for all seasons.

Harpers Ferry Adventure Center

Harpers Ferry Adventure Center offers whitewater rafting adventures, also known as “duckies,” with half-day trips in Class I and II rapids along an ideal seven-mile stretch of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers.

River & Trail Outfitters

River & Trail Outfitters offers kayak, canoe, and hiking tours, as well as a Nature Kids Day Camp to keep everyone happy in the outdoors!

Paddling Club for Those with Gear

If you have your own gear (kayak, PFD, etc.) and are an experienced kayaker, consider connecting with the local paddling club. Harpers Ferry Paddling has a Facebook group they use to coordinate group outings. These outings typically take place on Thursday evenings, when paddlers meet at the parking lot beneath the US-340 bridge over the Shenandoah River.

Joining the local club helps solve one of the difficult things about paddling–when the day is spent; you need some way of getting back to your car! The local club runs a shuttle for the people, solving that otherwise difficult task.

Paddling around Harpers Ferry also has unique difficulties, especially since the legal takeout spots are few and far between. Joining the club gives you access to that important local knowledge, so you do not have to find out the hard way. Plus, it gives you an excuse to meet new people who share your love for paddling. You might find that the new friends you meet become the best part of your trip to Harpers Ferry!

As with any river in the US, American Whitewater is a great resource to use when planning your paddling trip in Harpers Ferry.

Stay and Kayak in Harpers Ferry

Whitewater kayaking down the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers is an exciting experience that offers beautiful views of the town and its surroundings.

Whether you are new to kayaking or a lifelong paddler, Harpers Ferry has great runs for everyone. Start packing your bags and prepare for an unforgettable adventure during your Harpers Ferry cabin vacation!


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