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Best Bike Rentals in Harpers Ferry

Pedal into the vacation of a lifetime when you book a beautiful mountain cabin in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia! The area’s natural beauty is built for exploring via an extensive bike trail system.

Stop by one of these excellent bike shops and explore this beautiful town full of history, nature, and classic Southern charm!


About Biking in Harpers Ferry

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In a town known for its incredible nature and outdoor activities, it is no surprise that biking is a popular activity here. Whether you love zooming down the rugged trails on a mountain bike or enjoying the beautiful views as you cycle along the historic pathways, Harpers Ferry has a ride for everyone.

Harpers Ferry is a great place for all kinds of biking, offering everything from challenging trails for experienced mountain bikers, scenic and relaxing rides along the river, and the chance to pedal through history in the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park.

While there is no shortage of places to roll around Harpers Ferry, these are some of the best bike trails to explore:


Where to Find a Harpers Ferry Bike Rental

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If you don’t have your own bike or didn’t bring your gear on vacation, numerous outfitters and rental services in the Harpers Ferry area will be happy to help you choose the right bike. Whether looking for a mountain bike to tackle some trails or an e-bike for a relaxing ride down the canal, these outfitters have everything you need.

Harpers Ferry Bikes

Take it easy when you rent an E-Bike from Harpers Ferry Bikes. E-Bikes are a great way to explore the town without worrying about tough hills or long distances. You can pedal like normal or activate the pedal assistance, making your ride a breeze!

Harpers Ferry Bikes offers multiple rental options to fit your group and interests best. They offer 2-hour rentals ($45 per person), half-day rentals ($75 per person), and full-day rentals ($100 per person). The bike pickup is conveniently located in downtown Harpers Ferry, making it easy to reach all the top sites in the town during your fun day of biking.

River & Trail Outfitters

If you hope to explore the fantastic C&O Canal Towpath that crosses Harpers Ferry, consider renting a bike from River & Trail Outfitters. Their office is located in Brunswick, Maryland, just 15 minutes from Harpers Ferry, and allows you to grab your rental and bike directly to the towpath. Shuttles are available by reservation, so it is possible to bike from Brunswick to Harpers Ferry and then catch the shuttle there to return to your car.

Bike rentals are available from March through November for half-day and full-day rentals. The rental price is $21 for a half-day and $31 for a full day and includes your bike, helmet, and an informational pamphlet with information on the area. Group discounts are available, and add-ons such as trailing bikes for children or bike trailers can also be rented.

In addition, for those looking for a guided bike tour with interesting information on the region, this outfitter offers a Civil War and a Natural History Tour, starting at $40 per person.

River Riders

Popular for their rafting trips down the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, River Riders also offers E-Bike rentals. Explore downtown Harpers Ferry, the C&O Canal Towpath, or wind through the beautiful Harpers Ferry National Historical Park on these fun bikes. With pedal-assist technology, anyone can ride the E-Bikes and enjoy their day exploring the area.

Your rental includes the bike, safety gear, and the shuttle. A 2-hour rental is $45, a half-day is $79.99, and a full-day is $109.99. Take note, the minimum age to rent an E-Bike is 16. However, non-electric beach cruiser bikes are also available for rental.


What to Bring Biking

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Wondering how to stay comfortable while biking around Harpers Ferry? We recommend you bring or wear a few items to ensure you have the perfect day.

Appropriate Clothing

Most importantly, you will want to wear the proper clothes for a bike ride. You don’t need to go out and buy expensive professional gear, but wearing comfortable and safe clothes is a must. First, closed-toe shoes are your best bet. Any tennis shoes or hiking boots will be fine for casual cycling.

Next, wear comfortable, breathable clothes that allow a good range of motion. This could be shorts (longer shorts are best to avoid chafing), pants, or leggings, paired with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket, depending on the weather.

Protection from Weather

Harpers Ferry has four distinct seasons, and you will want to consider the forecast as you plan your day of biking! In the warm months, be sure you have sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and breathable clothes. In cold months, dress in quick-drying layers, and don’t forget a raincoat.


Don’t forget the snacks! While exploring Harpers Ferry’s beautiful sights, you’re sure to work up an appetite. If you aren’t Downtown, with all the great restaurants and cafes, you will appreciate having some tasty snacks packed. Always bring plenty of water no matter the season, but bring extra in hot weather.

Also, bring a charged cell phone and a map to find all the area’s top attractions!


Bike Beautiful Harpers Ferry

Whether you are a beginner looking for a unique and fun activity or an expert cyclist ready to explore the area, Harpers Ferry is the place for you. Take a casual ride by the river, head into the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park and tour the top sights there, or explore Downtown’s wonderful offerings.

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