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6 Tastiest Breakfast Spots in Harpers Ferry

If you’re reading this, you’re in on the little secret of West Virginia’s gem of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Welcome — we’re so excited you’re planning a getaway to Harpers Ferry!

Whether you’re drawn to the Civil War historical vibe, peaceful wineries, or immense opportunities to interact with nature, you’ll need one important precursor to each and every outing: breakfast.

Our advice? Take advantage of all the lovely bakeries and farmer’s markets, and bring some items home before you check in to your Mountain Mama cabin rental. Our fully stocked kitchens make your vacation that much more cozy and seamless.

But if you don’t feel like cooking? Let someone else make your favorite Western omelet or that fluffy crepe you could never quite master. Lucky for you, Downtown Harpers Ferry is brimming with local spots to enjoy a hearty breakfast. From down-home country cooking to flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pastries, the bases are covered.

Bolivar Bread Bakery

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Google Images Creative Commons Licenses
  • Price Point: $
  • Address: 914 Washington St, Harpers Ferry, WV
  • Website:

This is a fab spot to grab some essentials for your Mountain Mama rental or wolf down a baked good with a pastry-centered breakfast to fuel your day. Imagine slicing a loaf of Kalamata olive + rosemary sourdough for your next wine and cheese. Yes, please!

Bolivar Bakery is your one-stop shop for freshly baked artisan bread and baked goods. A nice bonus? They’re female-owned! And they channel that girl power into delectable loaf bread and sourdoughs — and don’t get us started on their fluffy buttermilk maple biscuits sprinkled with a touch of sea salt. Honestly? Heaven.

Other fantastic options include cinnamon raisin sourdough and baguettes, cookies, scones, cakes, and more. And did we mention that they do their own take on the West Virginia Pepperoni Roll? It’s called the “Pretzarolli” — soft, salty pepperoni and decadent mozzarella cheese wrapped in their delicious pretzel dough.

Kelley Farm Kitchen

Photo Credit: CCNULL via Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Calling all vegans and late risers! Tired of going on vacation and not having sufficient food options to suit your lifestyle? Well, look no further than Harpers Ferry’s own Kelley Farm Kitchen.

Hip but cozy, Kelley Farm Kitchen was established in 2018 as West Virginia’s very first vegan restaurant and has been a hit ever since. While it’s not a traditional breakfast spot, we’ll happily include it as a vegan option for brunch! Plus, they have a ton of positive guest reviews we just can’t ignore.

Are you ever tempted by the fresh aromas of seafood like cajun shrimp or Maryland crabs? Try the Maryland-Jack sandwich, the vegan twist on a traditional Maryland Crabcake! It’s made of pulled jackfruit, sliced veggies, and house-made tartar on a buttery brioche bun!

Other eclectic options include the Nachos Grande and a series of veggie/Beyond Meat burgers that will make your meat-loving compadres drool. The KFJ with melted provolone and Russian dressing on the veggie patty is a must-try!

Country Café

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Google Images Creative Commons Licenses
  • Price Point: $
  • Address: 1723 W Washington St, Harpers Ferry, WV
  • Website:

You’ve got a big day of biking through Harpers Ferry National Historic Park ahead, and you need to fuel up! Where do you go? Country Café is a cozy little café and restaurant on Washington Street in Harpers Ferry.

As soon as you walk in, memories of your grandma’s kitchen might resurface. This family-owned restaurant serves up decadent dishes like the Café Breakfast, with french toast made from freshly sliced Cuban bread, or the delicious and protein-packed Steak and Cheese Omelet with melty cheddar cheese and fresh onions and green peppers.

Our faves? Definitely the classic flaky biscuits and tastebud-hugging gravy. There’s a reason (or a menu full of reasons) why TripAdvisor ranked this spot as one of the highest-rated destinations for breakfast in Harpers Ferry.

Plan an extra half hour for a potential wait, especially on the weekend.

Mountain View Diner

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Google Images Creative Commons Licenses
  • Price Point: $$
  • Address: 903 E Washington St, Charles Town, WV
  • Website: Mountain View Diner doesn’t have a website, but they have an open table waiting for you and your family.

Mountain View Diner in nearby Charles Town offers a classic diner experience just a 12-minute drive from lower town Harpers Ferry.

This is the place to tickle your nostalgia: sliced pies and cheesecake in the viewing case, retro booth and bar seating, and old friends and family coming together for their favorite meals. Fluffy pancake breakfasts with eggs your way and savory sausage and crispy bacon… and let’s not forget the smashed home fries, buttery toast, and succulent grits awaiting your taste buds.

But the piece de resistance has to be the diner’s one-and-only french toast. It’s made from fresh bread, topped with butter and thick, natural maple syrup. Waffle aficionados can also indulge in Belgian waffles dusted in powdered sugar. Wash it down with freshly brewed coffee, tea, or cocoa and friendly smiles from the staff!

Battle Grounds Bakery and Coffee

Photo Credit: Charles Brutlag

At once a bake shop, coffee shop, gift shop, and community meeting place, Battle Grounds Bakery and Coffee is small but mighty — and it’s a Harpers Ferry staple.

Grab a cup of coffee and a flakey apple fritter or delicious chocolate croissant to start the day. If you’re feeling famished, try the indulgent sausage breakfast sandwich, and grab a side waffle for good measure. Gluten-free? Their sandwich menu is ready to accommodate you!

You’ll also find West Virginia’s official state food item: the pepperoni roll! This treat is about the size of a fist, and it’s filled with luscious, melty cheese and spicy pepperoni. It became the state food because so many miners used to eat them for lunch.

The baristas also know their way around an espresso machine, serving up satisfying lattes, americanos, and affogatos for those with a sweet tooth! There’s also free wifi if you need a spot to catch up on work!


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Google Images Creative Commons Licenses
  • Price Point: $
  • Address: 126 Patrick Henry Way, Charles Town, WV
  • Website:

Royalicious is a cozy little bakery in Charles Town, WV, near Harpers Ferry. The outside feels plain Jane, but once you walk in? They’ve already got you hooked with tantalizing aromas of freshly baked bread, pastries, and cakes.

Craving a quick breakfast sammy on a toasted bagel or a freshly baked croissant? Or maybe you’re feeling nostalgic about New York and want a rich Reuben sandwich.

But if you’re more of a pastry and coffee person, don’t worry! Royalicious has pastries galore. Relish a buttery raspberry horn with your coffee to go! Royalicious has more than enough cookies, pastries, and cupcakes to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Cook Breakfast at Your Rental!

Ever get frustrated by a lack of kitchen space in your sleek condo? Or maybe you’re too busy rushing to work to actually make breakfast in your spacious kitchen. Breathe in and indulge in all the space our fully stocked kitchens offer.

Revisit the simple pleasure of breakfast at home. Awaken your group’s senses with the savory smell of crispy bacon, delectable biscuits, and gravy in the morning. Or let them hear the echo of your whisk, whipping up buttermilk pancakes.

We suggest stopping by one of the local grocery stores like Bushel & Peck, Martin’s, or ALDI. Then, visit an amazing local bakery like Bolivar Bread Bakery or Royalicious for some freshly baked bread and pastries.

It’s amazing how much a home-cooked meal can evoke feelings of camaraderie and comfort — can you think of a better way to start your day?

Indulge in Breakfast in Harpers Ferry

After relishing a fluffy pancake, spicy omelet, or flaky pastry — it’s time to enjoy the rest of the town. Kayak along the Shenandoah River, hike on the Appalachian Trail or visit a historical site like John Brown’s Fort. Every destination feels much better when your tummy’s satisfied with comforting breakfast food and you’ve had your coffee fix.

Already itching to visit? Don’t worry. You can book your vacation cabin with Mountain Mama instantly online and count down the days.


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