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7 Best Pizza Places in Harpers Ferry

Finding a great dining experience around Harpers Ferry is not difficult, but if you’re on a quest for the all-around pleaser of comfort foods, you’ll need the inside scoop on Harpers Ferry restaurants with a view.

If you’re wondering where to find a good pizza in and around Harpers Ferry, you can choose from a solid handful of local restaurants. Some are just minutes away, and some offer delivery, so you don’t even need to leave your couch to get a fresh, hot pizza. In fact, you can order a pizza right to the front door of your Mountain Mama cabin.

To help you find some great pies in the area, we’ve put together a list of the seven best pizza places in Harpers Ferry. Here’s where you’ll need to go on your next visit.

1. Isabella’s Pizza & Subs

Photo Credit: siamionau pavel
  • Price point: $
  • Address: 201 Potomac St, Harpers Ferry, WV
  • Favorite menu item: The Angela Marie Pizza

Located in a vintage train car right in downtown Harpers Ferry, Isabella’s Pizza & Subs is the only dedicated pizza restaurant within Harpers Ferry’s town borders. Luckily, it’s known for dishing up some excellent, unusual pies — there’s the Angela Marie, packed with smoked pork and slathered in barbecue sauce, and the ultra-garlicky Leo that’s a pesto-lover’s dream.

Since Isabella’s is right in Harpers Ferry, you can swing by for a pie (or sub) while you’re exploring town. You’ll be fed and back on your feet in no time, thanks to the fast service here.

2. Andy’s Pizza

Photo Credit: Dmitry Lobanov
  • Price point: $
  • Address: 733 N Mildred St, Ranson, WV
  • Favorite menu item: White Pizza

Over in Ranson, West Virginia, Andy’s Pizza fires up some of the best New York-style pizza in the tri-state area. Crafted using local, farm-fresh ingredients, pizzas include classic meat lovers and veggie pizzas, but you might want to branch out a bit with an order of the White Pizza or the BBQ Chicken.

If you don’t feel like making the drive out to Ranson, Andy’s offers local delivery services. They’ll even deliver beer, wine, and cocktails, so you don’t have to worry about anything except placing your order for the perfect night in.

3. Ledo Pizza

Photo Credit: mikeledray
  • Price point: $
  • Address: 217 Oak Lee Dr, Ranson, WV
  • Favorite menu item: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Founded in Adelphi, Maryland, in 1955, Ledo Pizza now has locations up and down the East Coast, including one in Ranson. Ledo pizzas stand out for a few different reasons, most notably their rectangular shape and crispy crust.

If you order one of their pepperoni pizzas, you’ll also get to try another Ledo signature — extra thick pepperoni slices, cut by hand — but you might find your interest piqued by another one of their craft pizzas, like the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

This spot is notorious for the generous toppings – but if you aren’t feeling like pizza, they also serve subs, jumbo wings, and even Greek gyros!

4. Brother’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant

Photo Credit: Africa Studio
  • Price point: $
  • Address: 114 Patrick Henry Way, Charles Town, WV
  • Favorite menu item: Crabby Fries Pizza

Also in Charles Town, Brother’s Pizzeria specializes in some seriously huge pizzas — if you don’t believe us, check out the photos of their Colossal pies online. Though the menu features a number of creatively topped pizzas, the Crabby Fries Pizza is hands-down the star of the show. Stacked with French fries, crab meat, and two different types of cheese, this unusual combo may raise some eyebrows, but you’ll have to try it yourself before you pass judgment.

The Tuscan-style dining room is an excellent place to spend a night out at their covered outdoor seating, but if you want to order your pizza to your vacation home, Brother’s Pizzeria delivers via GrubHub and DoorDash. If the kids just aren’t satisfied by a Colossal-size pizza, there’s a special menu available for little ones.

Pro Tip: This spot also has vegan and gluten-free options for those with special dietary requests.

5. Anthony’s Pizza VI

Photo Credit: Leigh Loftus
  • Price point: $
  • Address: 72 Somerset Blvd, Charles Town, WV
  • Favorite menu item: Anthony’s Pizza Special

In the mood for some delectable, classic pizza? Anthony’s Pizza VI is one of the top pizza options around Harpers Ferry. The chefs tend to stick to the basics when it comes to toppings, but those familiar flavors will hit the spot for anyone craving a more traditional pie with hand tossed crust pizzas. There are a couple of gourmet options available if you want to walk on the wild side, but trying at least one slice of Anthony’s Pizza Special is a must.

Anthony’s also serves a fan-favorite steak and cheese sub, a great choice to bolster your pizza order. Slices of cheesecake and tiramisu will put the perfect finishing touch on your meal.

6. Rasco NY Pizza

Photo Credit: Little Vignettes Photo
  • Price point: $
  • Address: 280 N Main St, Boonsboro, MD
  • Favorite menu item: Chicago Meat Lover’s Pizza

Though it may sound like heresy to the uninitiated, this small Boonsboro, Maryland, pizza place serves both Chicago deep-dish and New York-style pies under one roof, but at Rasco NY Pizza, you’ll find that it’s a match made in heaven, as everyone in your group can choose whichever kind of pizza they prefer.

This is real New York style pizza – think giant slices and thin crust. Rasco also sells pizza by the slice, so there’s no need for everyone to commit to the same pizza toppings or style. There are also subs, salads, and pasta on offer.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for a place where you can eat in, Rasco doesn’t have much in the way of seating and dining space. But grab your pizza for takeout, throw in a few cannolis for dessert, and you can enjoy all that tasty food on the road or back in Harpers Ferry. Pizza delivery is also available.

7. Torlone’s Pizza

Photo Credit: Linda Hughes Photography
  • Price point: $
  • Address: 20605 Charles Town Rd, Charles Town, WV
  • Favorite menu item: Meat Lover Pizza

For good food and good times, head to Torlone’s Pizza in Charles Town, just 15 minutes from Harpers Ferry. While you munch on a slice of the Meat Lover Pizza (or a pie of your own creation — Torlone’s offers one-, two-, and three-topping customizable pizzas), you can watch sports on TV, listen to live music, or even participate in karaoke night.

Before you ask, yes, Torlone’s has beer on tap to provide you with some liquid courage.

Even if you’re traveling with people who (gasp!) don’t like pizza, they can choose one of the many other entrees on the menu. At least you’ll be able to share an order of the popular mozzarella sticks, a favorite of countless Torlone’s regulars.

Where to Stay in Harpers Ferry

The perfect pizza awaits in Harpers Ferry at these seven spots – but this list doesn’t cover everything; many other local restaurants and breweries dish up some great slices of pizza.

No matter which spot you choose, these special pizza places in and near Harpers Ferry will provide plenty of fuel for all of your adventures around town, whether that be white water rafting or zooming across a zipline. Put them on your list for a casual meal out, and then book your stay at Mountain Mama Cabins!


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