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Enjoying the Best of Harpers Ferry Adventure Center

Imagine a wonderland of history and natural beauty nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Relish mother nature’s graceful meeting point at any location between the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers. 

This is Harpers Ferry — a tiny town with endless outdoor adventures and historical tidbits to snack on. And closeby, Mountain Mama hosts lovely abodes for your nature-centric vacation. 

But what if you don’t feel like scrounging through recommendations and creating itineraries? We get it. When you’re on vacation, figuring out what activity would be best for you and your group can be overwhelming. Is hiking too strenuous? Is canoeing too slow? 

Luckily, located just 6 minutes from Harpers Ferry sits a wonderful family-owned business of over 30 years –  Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. There, you’ll find many options for day trips and tours with a wide variety of accessibility and pricing. We’ll walk you through the center’s history and all the fun things you can do there.

Why Harpers Ferry is the Perfect Spot for Adventure

A visit to the Harpers Ferry Adventure Center is a no-brainer on your trip. Whether it’s duckie kayaking or whitewater rafting, you and your travel buddies will reminisce happily with all these nature memories. 

And if you’re still considering a trip to Harpers Ferry in general? It’s a convenient spot logistics-wise because it’s only an hour from Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, or Baltimore. So gift yourself a weekend getaway from the big city and let your childlike wonder thrive with endless, thrilling experiences in Mother Nature’s playground. 

About Harpers Ferry Adventure Center

  • Address: 37410 Adventure Center Ln, Purcellville, VA 
  • Contact Information: 

Are you ready to have a day full of fun and adrenaline? Just a six minute drive from Downtown Harpers Ferry and across the border in Virginia, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center is located on Adventure Center Lane. It is also conveniently right next to Harpers Ferry Brewing — the perfect place to grab a great craft beer and a bite to eat with the family after a long day out on the river.

But back to the adventure center.

Harpers Ferry Adventure Center started in 1992 as “Butts Tubes,” when a father and son duo, Dewey Heffner and JR Heffner, decided to rent tubes out of the back of a truck. But as the business grew, it changed names to BTI Whitewater and, most recently, to Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. We love stories like these about family-owned businesses that start small and scrappy but grow to be local icons.

You can enjoy classic nature adventures, like river tubing or whitewater rafting or new activities, like zip lining and ropes courses. In addition, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center offers tons of discounts for birthdays, military, bachelor, and bachelorette parties, and more. 

Enough of the basics — let’s dive into the fun activities that this all in one adventure center offers!

Things to Do at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center

1. Whitewater Rafting

Photo Credit: PPstock

A fantastic activity for a family or a group, whitewater rafting is the perfect mix of adrenaline and teamwork. If you’re a beginner, you’ll be in good hands — but don’t underestimate the whitewater bounce! This isn’t a day for elaborate hairstyles. Expect to get soaked, especially if you’re bouncing on big rapids. 

The Adventure Center starts you off on a flat-water area of the Shenandoah River. First, a knowledgeable guide walks you through basic paddle movements and river safety skills as you soak the fresh river breeze and melodic sounds of waves and fauna in the distance. Then, the fun begins. Prepped with a helmet, life jacket, and single paddle, you’ll traverse the rapids accompanied by sights of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

2. Tubing

Photo Credit: Lauren Huddleston

Not many water sports match the simultaneous thrill and challenge of tubing. Maybe that’s why it’s such a popular choice for travelers at the Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. All you need to bring is sunscreen, a bathing suit, and an adventurous attitude, as the center takes care of the rest. 

Depending on your need for speed, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center offers whitewater and flat-water tubing. While whitewater tubing is full of bumps, waves, and butterflies in the tummy, flat-water tubing is more tranquil — great for those who prefer chill, lazy-river-type vibes. 

Want to start off slow and then turn up the speed? You can do both flat-water and whitewater rafting in one day with the tubing combo.

3. Ropes Courses

Photo Credit: ER_09

Looking for a solid workout without having to get in the water? Why not work that upper body with a ropes course over 50 different cable and rope bridges? 

Harpers Ferry Adventure Center’s Aerial Adventure Park features enjoyable ropes courses for all ages and physical levels. This is an incredible activity for families and groups. Yes, you’ll be 10-40 feet above the ground, but don’t worry. The center’s rope courses meet the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards, meaning it’s as safe as they can possibly be. 

Adventure leaders will help to secure you in a harness and rope while you navigate the treetops. There are 50 different rope obstacles to enjoy that will test your balance, strength, and endurance. But you won’t feel tied down or overwhelmed, as you can start as easy or hard as you like with three difficulty levels.

Traveling with kiddos? No problem. The Adventure Park features some lower-level ropes courses so you can feel at ease as your children have the time of their lives. 

4. Duckie Kayaking

Photo Credit: marekuliasz

If you love to kayak and you’re even more excited to do it in the whitewater, we highly suggest the duckie kayaking half-day, seven-mile trip! 

Duckie kayaks are inflatable kayaks that are slightly harder to steer than hard-shell ones but offer more stability in wavy waters. 

Each duckie only fits one person, but they’re easy enough to maneuver that no experience is necessary. You should just be in strong physical condition. Plus, you’ll always have a guide nearby guiding your journey. 

Flex those abs as you navigate the white wavy waters — and say hello to the blue herons, ospreys, and bald eagles you see along the way!

5. Zipline 

Photo Credit: RossHelen

Do you love big drops and zipping through the woods at high speeds? Harpers Ferry Adventure Center offers a high-speed zipline course through the treetops of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As you cruise past the mountains’ dreamy backdrops, you’ll reminisce about John Denver’s folky, tenor ballads. 

Each zipline canopy tour lasts either 90 minutes or 2 hours. To put things in perspective, you can fit seven zips in that time! Obviously, flying isn’t just for birds anymore.

Talk to the Adventure Center staff about their zip packages. If you want to pack in more than one activity, you might consider the center’s zip/tubing or zip/rafting combo buys. 

6. Off-Road Segway Tours 

Photo Credit: Ksenia Bielikh

Surely, you’ve seen segway tours in cities before, but imagine the free-flowing, gliding experience in a forest with natural scenery abound! 

Can’t picture segways? Well, imagine a hoverboard with super fat tires — that’s an off-road segway. Harpers Ferry Adventure Center offers battery-powered, off-roading segways that are great for exploring the mountainsides. If you’re traveling with someone averse to the physical activity of hiking, they’ll love smoothly flying across the terrain with a segway. 

Segway tours are one hour long and come with one tour guide, best suited for groups of five guests. 

Peppered along the paths are different forms of wildlife, from gorgeous local flora to bald eagles and even deer! Trust us; if you follow the segway’s quiet lead, you won’t scare away or disturb the animals — perfect opportunity for a photo opp. 

Another great thing about these off-roading segways is how eco-friendly they are. They leave even fewer markings on the trail than a regular hiking boot does! How cool!

Stay and Play in Harpers Ferry 

Ready to go? You just need a place to stay — and not just any place. How about a historic farmhouse with a pool and still-operating vineyard? Or a mountaintop abode complete with enchanting views of the lake, sun-soaked rooms, and cozy amenities? 

Mountain Mama prides itself on offering the best service and the most beautiful vacation rentals in the Harpers Ferry area. Book your Harpers Ferry stay today!


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